High Frequency



Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic offer you the best hair beauty treatment through a high frequency electrotherapy device. High frequency electrotherapy device uses a glass electrode tube that produces a very high frequency current. This high frequency current is applied to the skin to achieve maximum results. According to the experts, best thing about High Frequency hair treatments is the fact that it does not cause any pain to the customer. Around 8-10 sittings are required by every person to get maximum results from this hair loss technique.

High frequency hair loss treatments have always been very beneficial for the people having hair loss problems. High Frequency device stimulate the growth of hair follicles and suppress hair loss procedure naturally. Through this device, people can readily get rid of hair thinning problem. Hair loss problem is common in Pakistan and most of the people want this problem to be treated without any surgery or pain. For all such people, High Frequency hair treatment is the best available option at Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic.

Team of Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic offers Hair Frequency treatments for all age groups. Experts will guarantee that you will get rid of your hair loss problem without going through any expensive hair transplant surgical treatment. Although reasons of hair loss vary from one person to another but High Frequency hair treatment works for every other person.

Although High Frequency machines are very easily available in the market, as well as, online, it is very difficult and risky to operate them without expert knowledge. Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic have some of the best experts to operate High Frequency machines. It is only the expert knowledge that decides the right time intervals for High Frequency treatments. Moreover, results of High Frequency hair treatments depend from person to person. There are distinct factors that control the result variations amongst different customers. Some of the basic factors, on which the results of High Frequency hair treatment depends are:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Causes of hair loss
  • Nutritional diet
  • Daily routine

Nevertheless, High Frequency hair treatments ensure maximum hair growth for a longer period of time. Most significantly, High Frequency hair treatments are devoid of any side effects, which make them contra indication entirely safe for all kinds of customers. Some unique benefits of high frequency hair treatments are:

  • It creates a neutral PH value in the head region leading to improved secretions.
  • Metabolism of the scalp is improved through electric therapy.
  • Blood circulation in the head region is improved causing a soothing effect, both physically and mentally.
  • It promotes growth of healthy hairs, which leads to minimum hair loss.
  • It stimulates better nutrient supply in the head region.
  • It prevents headaches.

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