Hair Botox



Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic offer you Hair Botox. Hair Botox is the hair treatment done to repair damaged or broken hairs with an effective dose of ingredients. Some of these effective ingredients include caviar oil, B5, E vitamins and collagen complex. Hair Botox does the job of nourishing, moisturizing and repairing of your hairs. If you are going for a Hair Botox treatment from Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic, you are adding beautiful luster and softness to your hairs with minimum frizz. End results are miraculous, as they revitalize your hair to their fullest. One of the biggest advantages of Hair Botox treatment is, its effectiveness to deal with your split hairs. Botox works on all hair types. You do not have to worry about your hair type because Hair Botox treatment is applicable to all kinds of straight, thick, thin, grey, blonde or any other colored hair. This treatment gives similar results irrespective of different hair types.

Some of the advantages of Hair Botox at Dr. Seema’s clinic are:

  • Hair Botox nourishes your scalp and out the natural exfoliating process in your hair.
  • Hair Botox makes your hair more straight and silky in comparison to other chemical treatments.
  • It is the organic re-constructive treatment and so it offers minimum hair loss.

Thus, if you are having issues with frizzy, damaged and pale hair that have split ends too; you should visit Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic for the treatment of Hair Botox. Through hair Botox you will get naturally beautiful hairs once again. Whether you have long hairs or short, Hair Botox will make them beautiful for you to style. It will treat your split ends and will make hair roots stronger. Even if you have gone through a hair accident, such as, heat damage due to excessive hair styling or more than one color treatments, Hair Botox will enable your hairs get back to normal again.

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