Consultation by a Nutritionist



In order to know more about how your natural hair growing process works, you need to know about the internal strength intake of your hair roots, which is obviously dependent on your nutrition. The kinds of food you eat make you develop organs and parts of your body accordingly. Hairs on your head are no different. Growth of your hairs is also dependent on healthy food. Likewise, good food with good nutrients will transfer the nutrients to hair and unhealthy food will transfer nothing to the health and nourishment of your hairs, making them weaker and unattractive. Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic advise you about the best nutrition for the growth of healthy hair.

Dr. Seema Hirji, along with her other hair expert team members focus on balanced diet for healthy and beautiful hairs that last for a lifetime. It is very important for every person to eat the food that has all the nutrients required by the body. Carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals are some of the most essential food nutrients required by the body for the growth of healthy hairs. It should be noted here that healthy hairs are not signified by the kind of hair length one has. Whether you have short hair or long, you should not worry as long as they are healthy. But if you have long hair that does not have health nutrition, then all your hair growing efforts are going in vain. It is not just about growing long hair but it is rather about maintaining healthy hair.

With all the hair loss treatments that Dr. Seema's Skin and Hair Clinic offers, there is brief consultations given by expert nutritionists regarding the nutrition routine patients have to follow during the treatment and even after it. Being experts, it is commonly advised to intake food that is rich in proteins. Proteins help your hair to grow smoothly under natural process. They enable your hairs to get the energy and strength to become beautiful. With proper food items, that are rich in proteins, you can nourish your hairs with the right energy intake on daily basis. Similar to all the other parts of your body, hairs also get the necessary nutritional value daily.

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