It is very important to understand the hair growth cycle in order to know most of the problems associated with hair. But before going into details of hair growth cycle we would like to tell you a bit about hair growth.

Healthy hair growth begins with follicle or root which lies underneath your skin. You hair get their food from blood vessels which are placed at the base of the follicle. They provide nourishment to the hair to grow. From starting to grow and eventually falling out, your hair passes three stages. These stages are the part of hair growth cycle. These stages are:

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen


Anagen or growing phase is that phase of hair cycle when your hair grows. You would be amazed to know that your hair grows around half an inch per month. The speed is faster in the summer than in winter. Anagen phase is longer in Asians as compared to other natives. Dr. Seema provides special service which enables your hair to grow at maximum speed during this phase. They are specialized in providing approximately 70% results during this phase.


At the end of the anagen phase your hair enters in catagen phase. This is relatively shorter period which lasts for approximately 10 days. Dr. Seema can produce results after Anagen phase to this phase in just 2 weeks. Since this is one of the most important phases of your hair growth, it constitutes 20% of the total treatment and hair growth.


Last and final stage of your hair growth is Telogen phase. This is the phase in which your hair rests and finally released out. Then the follicles remain inactive for three months and then the whole process is repeated once again. It is good to know that each follicle is independent and go through each phase of hair growth cycle in different times. Otherwise, your hair will fall out at once. This phase is longest and constitutes almost 5% of the hair growth process.

Various hair problems like Hair loss, hair thinning occurs when this cycle is disturbed. There can be due to various problems including metabolic imbalances, illness or improper nutrition. Dr. Seema is specialized in bringing your hair cycle back to its normal routine which eventually results in better hair free from hair problems.

If you are facing such issues related to hair growth cycle, it is high time to consult Dr. Seema. It’s better to get treated in time than delaying it further. Just fill out the form and book reserve your spot for consultation.

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