Treatments of Dry & Damaged Hair



Your hairs may look beautiful and healthy outside but from inside, they can be as rough as you can imagine. Similar to all the other parts of the body, hairs also need proper nourishment. When your hairs are not getting the right nourishment till the root tips, then they tend to become dry and unhealthy. Dry hairs eventually make your hair roots weaker and ruin the look of your hairs. Dry and damaged hairs can be very stressful because they make you feel ugly. Every day when you look at the mirror, you somehow want to bring back that shine of your hairs. Now this is possible with the Hair treatments for dry and damaged hairs offered at Dr. Seema's Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic.

Every hair type has three layers. When the outer layer of your hairs is damaged, it becomes dry and causes all your hairs to lose their luster. This dryness eventually end up in making your hairs look hard-textured. Some of the basic symptoms of dry and damaged hairs are:

  • Hard texture
  • Easily breakable
  • Split ends
  • Itchy scalp
  • Less elastic
  • Difficult to manage or style
  • Rough and dull

There can be various reasons for your hair damage. Most of the part is played by the harmful chemicals in the hair products you use. Extreme climatic conditions and too much hair styling also makes hair damaged and dry. Nevertheless, you do not have to be hopeless now when it comes to dry and damaged hairs because Dr. Seema's Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic will have a solution for all your dry and damaged hair problems.

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