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Welcome to Dr. Seema's Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic

Dr. Seema's Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic is founded by Dr. Seema Hirji. Located in Clifton, this clinic is known for its exceptional skin and hair care services in Karachi. Dr. Seema is a specialist dermatologist and cosmetologist. She was also a hair care Consultant for Proctor & Gamble Pakistan for 10 years (P&G).

Our entire team is based on qualified and professional ladies, committed to give best skin and hair care services to customers. We have successful results, such as, PRP Hair Treatment in Karachi.

Some of the treatments offered at Dr. Seema's Skin, Hair and Laser Clinic are:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Hair Fillers
  • Hair Botox
  • Hair Treatments
  • PRP Hair Treatment
  • High Frequency
  • Derma pen
  • Hair Growth Laser
  • Stem cell Treatment
  • Consultation by a Nutritionist


Hair loss and other problems related to hair have become too common in the present age. Weak and less hair makes one lose confidence and charm of their personality. In order to prevent you from hair problems, we offer best PRP hair treatment in Karachi. We have skillful and practiced experts to give you the solution for any problem related to hair. In comparison to other hair treatment clinics, we ensure customers’ safety through working with the most medically certified hair restoration processes. Some of the common reasons for hair loss are:

  • Reduced blood circulation
  • Undernourishment
  • Hormonal imbalance in hair follicles

Through scientifically accurate hair restoring treatments, all these factors responsible for hair loss can be minimized. We offer one of the most advanced and safest hair loss treatments, which is PRP Hair Treatment in Karachi.

PRP Hair Treatment in Karachi

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy or PRP Hair Treatment is the name given to hair restoration process that leads to natural growth of human hair. We provide you with the best service of PRP Hair Treatment in Karachi. Hair loss can occur to anybody and become a reason for their physical and mental stress. We believe in giving quality PRP Hair Treatment in Karachi to satisfy customers with reliable and safe results.

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